bis Recruit

  • Carolyn Billingham

    Carolyn Billingham


    The b in bis, Carolyn has specialised in West End recruitment for the last 14 years. With a penchant for Verve Cliquot and a serious shoe addiction this confirmed Sherlock fan also finds time to teach Kundalini yoga and is a reiki practitioner.

  • Sue Inman

    Sue Inman


    The i in bis, Sue has worked in recruitment for 21 years since starting at the tender age of eight.

    These days she can be found with her nose in the books, having developed an inexplicable love for figures and Excel spreadsheets. She divides her time between recruitment and her role as an unpaid taxi driver for her two children.

  • Chrys Street

    Chrys Street


    The s in bis, Chrys has notched up over 15 years in West End recruitment. This Chelsea fan honed her communications skills whilst working in international travel. Time spent on sandy beaches developed her love of surfing [the net for more of the same].

  • James Dodd

    James Dodd

    This gaga loving ex-professional gamer left the land of the summer people to find his spiritual home in the bright lights of London. The lights did indeed shine for James with performances in film and TV such as Hellboy 11 and Layer Cake before giving up the business that is show for the even more glamorous world of the show that is ‘bis’.

  • Rebecca Laidler

    Rebecca Laidler

    This serial festival goer is the epitome of London cool with a love of music, dancing, fashion and theatre however don’t be fooled as this Leeds lass enjoys nothing better than a retro evening of fabulous dinner parties before curling up with a good jigsaw and a glass of Malibu.

  • Charlotte Ross

    Charlotte Ross


    This backslang expert who lists her ability to make people laugh and contorting parts of her face as two of her skills, hails originally from the sunny shores of the Isle of Wight. Here she sailed, sang and enjoyed parties on the beach until she arrived via Portsmouth to sunny London for more of the same, well the singing and partying bit anyway.