BIS Recruit : FAQs


Candidates' CV Questions

Candidates' Interview Questions

  • What preparation shall I do?

    Knowledge is power, so as much preparation as you can. Doing your homework will also have the added benefit of giving you extra confidence.

  • What should I wear?

    Clothes are recommended in interview situations.

    Keep it appropriate for the industry. Not all media companies wear jeans and not all accountants wear suits. Smart business wear is recommended for the first interview.

  • What tips can you give me?

    SPEAK to your consultant who will give you more information.

    BE early. Turn up at least ten minutes before your interview.

    PLAN your journey. Take a map and ask for local landmarks.

    PREPARE some questions to ask. It shows you are interested.

    SMILE. Be aware your interview starts as soon as you walk in the door. First impressions count.

    HONESTY is always the best policy. If you don't know the answer, don't try and blag it.

    EXPRESS your interest at the end of the interview and send prospective employers a positive message.

Candidates – Interview With bis

  • What happens when we come in to register?

    Our offices are relaxed and friendly so don't worry about coming in to meet us. Unless provoked we don't bite.

    You'll be asked to sit on one of our comfy sofas and fill in an application form before meeting with a consultant who will talk to you about your career past, present and future. We want to spend time getting to know you.

  • Do I need to bring anything with me?

    Well, while we are partial to chocolate, you'll only need to bring yourself and your passport (for identification purposes).

  • Do I have to do tests?

    We need to assess your skills so you are not put into a situation where you are out of your depth.

    This means checking your computer and typing skills as well as your spelling and grammar. There is no pass or fail with the assessments; we just want to find out how much you do know.

  • How long will registration take?

    If you are in a rush and can only spare your lunch hour, you can fill out the application form at home and do our assessments online. This means every second here is spent talking to you, with interviews taking approximately forty minutes. If you are taking the assessments in the office then set aside an hour and a half.


  • What happens if I have a vacancy or temp booking?

    In the first instance you will speak to a consultant who will talk you through our procedures.

    Following this, wherever possible, we will visit your offices and take a job description.

  • Why do bis visit all of their clients?

    So we know who you really are. Even only ten minutes at your office gives us an indication of the personality of your business.

  • How do bis then work with the vacancy or temp booking?

    The aim is to make the recruitment process as hassle-free as possible for you. This means matching your needs. All of this is discussed and agreed during the visit.

  • If I book a temp or interview a candidate how do I know they can do the role?

    All candidates are thoroughly interviewed and assessed by consultants before being put forward to a client. Temps are also referenced for at least two years (with all gaps accounted for) before they can work. Candidates must then provide legal proof of their identity and their right to work in the uk.

  • How do we know you do this?

    We are a member of The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), the only professional body dedicated to representing the interests of the uk recruitment industry. This means we have to uphold all laws and standards pertaining to the recruitment industry.

  • Why should I use bis?

    We have the experience and the knowledge, but perhaps more importantly, we care about the service we provide to clients and candidates.